Affordable ways to promote your Home Improvement Business

promote-your-home-improvement-businessIf you operate a home improvement business it is important to get the word out about your services. In order to grow your business and increase revenue, you need to take advantage of the various marketing techniques. Some of the effective and affordable ways to market your home improvement business include having a strong online presence, innovative promotional materials, and networking. As a home improvement business owner, you can showcase your skills without incurring huge advertising costs.

Provide Home improvement Services as Charity

In order to get your business noticed you need to be able to demonstrate the quality of your skills. Spreading the word about your home improvement services is only 50% of your marketing strategy. You actually need to prove to potential clients that your workmanship is top quality. You can partner with a charity organization to offer home improvement work for the local community you can an opportunity to showcase your outstanding skills. This will help your business to create networks and receive the much-needed acknowledgement from the public.

Market using Everyday Items

Another effective way to market your home improvement business is to use everyday items such as fridge novelty magnets, notepads, rulers etc. The items can make into the shape of home improvement tools such as hammers, safety gears like hard hats and other accessories. Clients are likely to keep such item compared to handing them a flyer or brochure which they discard after reading. They show potential clients that your business is about home improvement and provide contact information. If target clients use or see these items every day it increases the likelihood of them making that call one day.

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Word of mouth still remains one of the most effective marketing options today. Clients value word of mouth so it is important to tell all your friends and family about your home improvement business so they can refer clients to you. Get as many people to influence other people to join your business social networking site. Imagine if we all know about a hundred people and each person spreads the word to everyone they know you have a potential of reaching over 10,000 clients. That is why word-of-mouth is effective and still preferred even today.

Savvy Online Presence

Potential home renovation clients are always looking for valuable tips for their next home improvement project. As a professional and experienced home renovation contractor, you can reach out to new clients by writing about useful home renovation tips. According to clients interested in undertaking a home improvement project will be drawn to your website seeking valuable tips from you. A good example is offering useful advice on how to install a kitchen island or selecting the best kitchen counter-top material or room paint color. Include all the local events you have participated in for charity or any other good cause.

Preventing roof damage due to trees

During fall, there are big storms and windy days. This is a critical time to evaluate the health of the tree around your property. There are lots of property damage caused by trees as a result of severe weather every year.
Structures, roofs, windows, house siding, power lines, parked cars are all vulnerable to fallen trees. Most of the times you will find that there are overgrown tree limbs lurking dangerously close to your Tree roof damagehome’s roof. These branches, however healthy, they may seem they pose a great danger to your roof. A mere branch that keeps blowing in the wind and repeatedly rubs a roof will eventually damage the outer layer that protects the roof shingles leading to leaks. Trees that are too close to the roof will shed the leaves onto the roof clogging the gutter system leading to rain water accumulation, leaks in the attic etc.
• Tree Management
According to the experts in tree removal in Long Island, all the branches that hang anywhere close to 6ft of your roof must be trimmed. This will act as a prevention from possible roof damage as a result of extreme weather. Besides that it will keep rodents and other small animals away from nesting on your roof or in your house during spring. The well-being of your roof is threatened by nearby trees during heavy rains, snow or high winds. Seek the expert advice from a professional tree removal company about the trees that pose the greatest danger to your roof and need to be removed completely.
• In the event of roof damage
Call a roofing expert immediately a tree or limb falls on your roof resulting in property damage. This important because they will be able to prevent further damage from spreading to the interior of your home by securing the area. Most homeowners have insurance against roof damage as a result of fallen trees and should be able to get roof replacement. The experts will inspect the extent of the damage and check for roof punctures, cracked rafters, bowed sheathing etc. Roof shingles and sheathing are not safe flying a flying tree branch that will definitely cause piercing. If the damage has resulted in leaking seal the area using tarp to prevent further interior damage. Ensure everything done during the emergency repair is well documented by taking photos that you will use to file a claim from your insurance firm.
Dealing with the tree dangers will prevent major property damage and protect the health of your roof. Take a full inventory of the trees around your property as the first measure of prevention. The evaluation is best done by an expert in tree removals or roofing. All dangerously hanging tree limbs must be trimmed a distance away from the roof. Clear the gutters of any leaf debris periodically to safeguard the shingles. Any tree that is too close to your home and would pose a danger to your home in the event of a fall must be removed.

Roof repair replacing damaged shingles

The asphalt roof shingles replacement can be a simple process if you plan carefully and follow the precise steps.
Similar to any other roof repair project safety comes first. Ensure that you observe all the safety precautions required while you are up on the roof. The best season to embark on roof shingle replacement is the either spring or autumn. The project is much more difficult and complex during summer because shingles get very hot and tough to deal with. On the other hand, in winter when it is too cold making the shingles brittle andremove shingles vulnerable to damage in the event of repair. Once you are done replacing the shingles, the new shingles will appear like they are above the rest. This should not be a cause for concern, since the shingles will be set in by the heat from the sun and they will settle in eventually.
• Removing the Shingles
After identifying the shingles to be replaced the first step is to remove them. Start from the top of the shingle identified for removal and break the seal between worn out shingle and good one by sliding a pry bar back and forth. This must be done carefully and gently to avoid damaging the adjacent shingles.
• Remove the Nails
The damaged shingle is still held by nails, to remove them use either a hammer or a pry bar. In case the nails are much tougher then lift them out using a flat-head screwdriver.
• Clean the area
Work downwards as you free up all the damaged shingles. Once you complete removing all the damaged shingles ensure the whole area is clean by clearing all the debris, nails and any dirt.
• Positioning the new Shingles
replace a damaged asphalt roof shinglePlace the bottom shingle while observing the pattern of the shingles on your roof. To separate the shingles carefully use a general purpose knife to mark them on the back then fold lightly until they come apart. To protect the roofing felt from damage work carefully and meticulously.
• Nail the Shingles
To hold the shingles firmly in place nail them in. Remember to seal the nail holes across every shingle. Use roofing cement to seal any exposed nail heads that you may end up with. The same applies to any other damaged roof sections you come across in the sections you have repaired.
According this Charlotte NC house cleaning services replacing damaged shingles will prevent your roof from leaking contributing to maintaining the cleanliness of the home.

Tips for adding a kitchen Island

If you are running low on counter space yet there sufficient floor space in the kitchen then including a kitchen island is a clever way of extending both storage and work space. There are even some ready-made kitchen islands that available for every kitchen design and décor.
The kitchen island is the center of attraction in the kitchen from a design perspective. There is a wide variety to choose from. You can match or contrast your current design with a selection of ckitchen islandountertops and cabinets. The design of the kitchen island can be of a single height or more. The higher height level could be used for seating while the other for food preparation. Here are a few tips to consider when adding a kitchen island.
• Measure the Space
To determine the kitchen island size, you will need to measure the kitchen space available. Keep mind that there has to be enough space for operating the refrigerator, dishwasher, ovens and other appliances that will need to be opened. Ensure there is, at least, 3ft open space between the kitchen island and other appliances, walls, cabinets etc.
• Select Materials
Whether you want a matching or contrasting finish for your island and cabinet will depend on the materials you choose. You can opt for cheaper low-quality materials or strong and rugged wood pieces.
The choice of the countertop material for your kitchen island will depend on a number of factors. First if you roll out lots of pastry, then granite or marble will be the ideal choice since they are both smooth and natural materials. However, according to this cleaning services Chicago, marble is attractive but it stains easily and should be avoided if you plan to prepare foods that leave behind stains. Butcher blocks are the most preferred choice for a majority of chefs. For affordable and versatile alternatives choose either steel or laminate.
Assess features
Kitchen islands come with a variety of features such as drawers, cabinets or open shelves, wine racks underneath countertops, end towel racks etc. Some of these features may or may not be suitable for yourPortable-Kitchen-Islands kitchen space. Modern kitchen islands even have power outlets or drop leaf tops for smaller kitchens.


Confirm whether you would prefer a fixed kitchen island or an easily portable one. Movable carts on casters will be more appropriate for smaller kitchens, on the other hand, large kitchens with extra seating space for adding bar stools will need a fixed island.
A properly designed kitchen island is a fantastic addition to your kitchen and will improve the functionality and experience.

Roof Repair: Inspection And Replacement

if-your-roof-needs-repairing-in-redcar-call-aaa-roofing-local-master-rooferBeing a homeowner there are several maintenance to see to if you want to maintain the value of your home. And the roof is one major aspect of your home that may need to be eventually repaired or replaced which can be quite costly. That is why it is important that you know how to asses if a new roof is actually needed or if some minor repairs will do the job. In order to determine how long your roof is likely to last, know what materials are used in your roofing since different roofing materials have different lifespans. Here are some roof replacement tips to help you determine if your home is in need of a new roof.

What to look for?
Anatomy-of-a-RoofPNGA roof inspection has to be performed at least twice a year in order to be able to identify problem areas that need to be fixed before it gets worse so you can avoid completely replacing the roof and spend thousands of dollars. But upon inspection and you find that your roof is leaking in some spots and has water damage, it is a big sign that it is in need of replacement. Another is when your roof starts to sag, a replacement is definitely in order. If you notice outside light shining through the roof this is also a sign that your roof may need to be replaced.

How to perform a roof inspection?
Pull out a ladder and do a visual inspection on the exterior of your roof every 2 years. Look out for torn, cracked or missing tiles and loose materials around vents or chimneys. Check for signs of wear on your shingles and do a visual inspection to look for signs of mold, rot or moisture and examine your drainage system in order to make sure that water exists properly from your roof to your gutter. Have your gutters cleaned at least once a year so that water can be prevented from backing up leading to a probable gutter and roof replacement before their lifespan is up.

Does materials make a difference?
The answer is definitely yes! There are different kinds of materials that can be used for roofing and each has a different lifespan. You should keep in mind that it is important to know the materials that has been used for your roof in order for you to have an idea of how long those materials normally last.

Wood Shingles: These can be made from cedar, pine and other woods. Wood shingles can be expensive upfront but it has a lifespan of approximately 30-50 years. Downside is, they have a tendency have poor fire ratings and can be subject to mold and rot.

slide-5-roofMetal Roofs: This is a popular option since they are of a much lighter roofing material and are resistant to harsh weather, they have a lifespan of 50 years or more.

Clay or Concrete Tiles: These has a lifespan of 50 years or more and are fire resistant and come in many colors and has the ability to reflect the sun making lower energy costs. Clay and concrete tiles have.

Asphalt Shingles: These material cost low but are resilient and easy to install. However, they only have a lifespan of 15-30 years.

Slate Tiles: This is similar to clay or concrete tiles, they are incredibly heavy and additional roof framing is needed. They are however, easy to repair and can last hundreds of years but are not recommended for hot climates due to their dark color.