During fall, there are big storms and windy days. This is a critical time to evaluate the health of the tree around your property. There are lots of property damage caused by trees as a result of severe weather every year.
Structures, roofs, windows, house siding, power lines, parked cars are all vulnerable to fallen trees. Most of the times you will find that there are overgrown tree limbs lurking dangerously close to your Tree roof damagehome’s roof. These branches, however healthy, they may seem they pose a great danger to your roof. A mere branch that keeps blowing in the wind and repeatedly rubs a roof will eventually damage the outer layer that protects the roof shingles leading to leaks. Trees that are too close to the roof will shed the leaves onto the roof clogging the gutter system leading to rain water accumulation, leaks in the attic etc.
• Tree Management
According to the experts in tree removal in Long Island, all the branches that hang anywhere close to 6ft of your roof must be trimmed. This will act as a prevention from possible roof damage as a result of extreme weather. Besides that it will keep rodents and other small animals away from nesting on your roof or in your house during spring. The well-being of your roof is threatened by nearby trees during heavy rains, snow or high winds. Seek the expert advice from a professional tree removal company about the trees that pose the greatest danger to your roof and need to be removed completely.
• In the event of roof damage
Call a roofing expert immediately a tree or limb falls on your roof resulting in property damage. This important because they will be able to prevent further damage from spreading to the interior of your home by securing the area. Most homeowners have insurance against roof damage as a result of fallen trees and should be able to get roof replacement. The experts will inspect the extent of the damage and check for roof punctures, cracked rafters, bowed sheathing etc. Roof shingles and sheathing are not safe flying a flying tree branch that will definitely cause piercing. If the damage has resulted in leaking seal the area using tarp to prevent further interior damage. Ensure everything done during the emergency repair is well documented by taking photos that you will use to file a claim from your insurance firm.
Dealing with the tree dangers will prevent major property damage and protect the health of your roof. Take a full inventory of the trees around your property as the first measure of prevention. The evaluation is best done by an expert in tree removals or roofing. All dangerously hanging tree limbs must be trimmed a distance away from the roof. Clear the gutters of any leaf debris periodically to safeguard the shingles. Any tree that is too close to your home and would pose a danger to your home in the event of a fall must be removed.