The asphalt roof shingles replacement can be a simple process if you plan carefully and follow the precise steps.
Similar to any other roof repair project safety comes first. Ensure that you observe all the safety precautions required while you are up on the roof. The best season to embark on roof shingle replacement is the either spring or autumn. The project is much more difficult and complex during summer because shingles get very hot and tough to deal with. On the other hand, in winter when it is too cold making the shingles brittle andremove shingles vulnerable to damage in the event of repair. Once you are done replacing the shingles, the new shingles will appear like they are above the rest. This should not be a cause for concern, since the shingles will be set in by the heat from the sun and they will settle in eventually.
• Removing the Shingles
After identifying the shingles to be replaced the first step is to remove them. Start from the top of the shingle identified for removal and break the seal between worn out shingle and good one by sliding a pry bar back and forth. This must be done carefully and gently to avoid damaging the adjacent shingles.
• Remove the Nails
The damaged shingle is still held by nails, to remove them use either a hammer or a pry bar. In case the nails are much tougher then lift them out using a flat-head screwdriver.
• Clean the area
Work downwards as you free up all the damaged shingles. Once you complete removing all the damaged shingles ensure the whole area is clean by clearing all the debris, nails and any dirt.
• Positioning the new Shingles
replace a damaged asphalt roof shinglePlace the bottom shingle while observing the pattern of the shingles on your roof. To separate the shingles carefully use a general purpose knife to mark them on the back then fold lightly until they come apart. To protect the roofing felt from damage work carefully and meticulously.
• Nail the Shingles
To hold the shingles firmly in place nail them in. Remember to seal the nail holes across every shingle. Use roofing cement to seal any exposed nail heads that you may end up with. The same applies to any other damaged roof sections you come across in the sections you have repaired.
According this Charlotte NC house cleaning services replacing damaged shingles will prevent your roof from leaking contributing to maintaining the cleanliness of the home.