If you are running low on counter space yet there sufficient floor space in the kitchen then including a kitchen island is a clever way of extending both storage and work space. There are even some ready-made kitchen islands that available for every kitchen design and décor.
The kitchen island is the center of attraction in the kitchen from a design perspective. There is a wide variety to choose from. You can match or contrast your current design with a selection of ckitchen islandountertops and cabinets. The design of the kitchen island can be of a single height or more. The higher height level could be used for seating while the other for food preparation. Here are a few tips to consider when adding a kitchen island.
• Measure the Space
To determine the kitchen island size, you will need to measure the kitchen space available. Keep mind that there has to be enough space for operating the refrigerator, dishwasher, ovens and other appliances that will need to be opened. Ensure there is, at least, 3ft open space between the kitchen island and other appliances, walls, cabinets etc.
• Select Materials
Whether you want a matching or contrasting finish for your island and cabinet will depend on the materials you choose. You can opt for cheaper low-quality materials or strong and rugged wood pieces.
The choice of the countertop material for your kitchen island will depend on a number of factors. First if you roll out lots of pastry, then granite or marble will be the ideal choice since they are both smooth and natural materials. However, according to this cleaning services Chicago, marble is attractive but it stains easily and should be avoided if you plan to prepare foods that leave behind stains. Butcher blocks are the most preferred choice for a majority of chefs. For affordable and versatile alternatives choose either steel or laminate.
Assess features
Kitchen islands come with a variety of features such as drawers, cabinets or open shelves, wine racks underneath countertops, end towel racks etc. Some of these features may or may not be suitable for yourPortable-Kitchen-Islands kitchen space. Modern kitchen islands even have power outlets or drop leaf tops for smaller kitchens.


Confirm whether you would prefer a fixed kitchen island or an easily portable one. Movable carts on casters will be more appropriate for smaller kitchens, on the other hand, large kitchens with extra seating space for adding bar stools will need a fixed island.
A properly designed kitchen island is a fantastic addition to your kitchen and will improve the functionality and experience.